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As far as we're concerned, dry shampoo is the bee's knees. We're so smitten, in fact, that we find it hard to imagine there's anything out there that we'd find as convenient and dependable as our spray-on go-to. Well, up until now, that is. There's a new kid on the block called dry conditioner, and we think we kind of have a serious crush on it</strong>.

According to celebrity stylist and Pantene brand ambassador Danilo, a dry conditioner is a suspension of oils and nutrients in a powder-like aerosol form that delivers supplemental care to dry, damaged hair without having to get it wet. Where dry shampoo is meant to soak up excess oils and freshen up unwashed hair, dry conditioner adds shine, protection, and body to coarse, dry, Valentino Shoes chemically-treated tresses.

So what's the difference between this and a regular, old leave-in conditioner? According to Danilo, because these oils and nutrients are suspended in powdered or dry form, you can spray them on your hair without getting it wet and messing up your style.

"I enjoy dry conditioners as a finish," he says. "They enhance and texturize while doing good by your hair at the same time. They are also a great way to get fresh hair to achieve an undone, tousled finish and a great way to give lackluster hair a pump up without a full shampoo, condition, and blowout. You can first use dry shampoo and then dry conditioner on clean or dirty hair."

That sounds like a tag team of time-saving products we'd be happy to add Valentino Shoes Online to our "too lazy to actually do anything to our hair" morning routine